Miriam Merenfeld Jewelry
Miami, Florida

Every piece is crafted in the USA, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality merchandise. All of our pendant are sterling silver and 18K gold plated over sterling silver. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for manufacturing.

We are confident you will be happy with your purchase from Miriam Merenfeld Jewelry. If an item arrives defective we will be happy to repair the item within 14 days of your purchase at no additional cost. All exchanges will be considered within 14 days of purchase. All custom and engraved order pieces are final sale.

Sterling silver, like gold in its pure stage is very soft and in order to make it into jewelry needs to be alloyed with other materials. Normally the metal used to alloy with silver is copper, and both of these metals will easily have a chemical reaction (tarnish) to sulfur. For an item to be classified as "sterling" it will need to contain 92.5% pure silver. Sulfur is present in many things such as exhaust fumes, medication, etc. Even sweat may cause silver jewelry to tarnish. To solve this tarnishing problem clean your jewelry regularly, removing any deposits that may be detrimental to it.

To keep your sterling silver pieces looking new, we suggest that you use a liquid sterling silver cleaner.

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